Wrap Stacker

The Grays Wrap Stacker is designed to handle individually wrapped round bales without damaging the plastic. The bale is cradled on two roller forks which freely rotate to avoid any rubbing action during loading or lifting.
The roller forks are opened and closed hydraulically by a double acting ram. Movable stops limit the fork closure to 46 ins to cradle 5ft (1.5m) diameter bales and up to 34 ins for 4ft (1.2m) bales.

Fully open the gap is 64ins. A large rectangular plate in front of the ram prevents the bale hitting the back frame of the handler.

The wrap Stacker can be supplied fitted with quick attach hooks to fit a wide range of loaders or with adjustable brackets to suit pin fit loaders and three point linkage

Verti Stacker

Verti-Stacker for inverting either wrapped or unwrapped bales from horizontal to vertical position withour brackets
Uni Bale Gripper
For handling both wrapped and unwrapped Round or Square Bales. Priced without brackets. Loader must be provided with third service valve and hoses. Supplied with two conus 1 bushes - tines are an optional extra

Round Bale Handlers
Bale Stacker for bales stacked up
to five-high Bale Shifter fot fast field clearance Grays for proven robust construction
Bale Stacker
Bale Shifter
Ideal for loading trailers or for stacking bales in a barn. Grays Bale Stacker is available for tractor loaders or farm handlers. The Bale Stacker grasps only round one third of the circumference of the bale, so that bales can be stacked in closely packed columns.

On a loader, the clearance is to the loader pivot point, giving a stack at least three high. Where sufficient power is available on the higher lifting loader or fork lift truck, a five-high stack can be achieved, but this should only be attempted on even ground. The Bale Stacker can also be used for retrieving bales from the stack, dropping them into feed rings, and for general bale handling.
Grays Bale Shifter is, in effect, a 'four-up' bale spike for fast field clearance. It enables one tractor operator to move bales quickly to the boundary of the field ot to another storage area. Mounted on the rear linkage of any tractor, the Bale Shifters tines are reversed into each bale in turn. Once the first two bales are loaded, the outer beam is raised to the vertical by a single-acting hydraulic ram, operated from the tractors tipping pipe. The inner beam carries the second pair of bales.

The multiple spikes entering each bale ensure bale stability when lifted clear of the ground. Grays standard SH60 Bale Shifter handles 4ft (1.2m) wide bales of up to 5ft (1.52m) diameter. A larger SH72 model for handling bales up to 6ft (1.8m) diameter is also available.

Bale Spikes

The bale-carrying heavy duty main tine is of resilient forged spring steel, tapered along its length, and counter tapered for rigidity into a seating collar in the backframe.All Grays Bale Spikes are fitted with a 4ft (1.2m) long main tine with a usable length of 43" (1.1m). The stabilising tine protrudes 11" (280mm)

Grays Standard Bale Spike can be supplied without brackets for local fitting, with 3 bolt on brackets (as installed) for three point linkage, or with 4 bolt on brackets for pin fitting to loaders. It can be supplied with a range of welded hooks to fit loader quick attach systems and heavy duty brackets for industrial loaders and farm handlers

For use with Grays Pallet Fork, the Slip-Fit Spike slides onto the fork backframe and is held in place by a pin dropped through one of the locating holes in the top of the frame. The tine specifications are te same as the Standard Spike above

For front loaders or rear linkage grays Twin Spike is a low cost tool for rapid field clearance. The spikes are set 5'6" (1.76m) apart with one 4" (100mm) higher tthan the other. The fitting options are the same as for the single balespike.

Grays Rear mounted Spike is a tough, low cost product for fitting to tractor rear linkage. The triangular backframe gives a choice of position for the linkage pins to ensure that the optimum operating angle is achieved.

As well as the standard tine specification a 39" (1.0m) main tine is available.

Standard Bale Spike
Slip-Fit Spike
Twin Spike
Rear Mounted Spike

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