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Levelling Harrows
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Transport Boxes
Grays ATLAS-MINI Transport Box is the economy way to move small loads in parks, market gardens, nurseries etc. Available with or without the trip mechanism, Grays ATLAS-MINI is constructed from 10 swg steel plate with reinforced edges and diagonal cross-members supporting the floor.

Floor area: 4ft x 2ft (1.22m x 0.62m)
Sides taper from 1'10" to 1'0" (0.57m to 0.3m)
Weight: 225lbs (102kg)

Front Blades  
Grays 3-Way Front Blade is available to fit numerous compact tractor models. The blade can be used as a straight dozer blade or can be angled 15° to left or right for snow clearance or similar work. The standard blade is 4' 6" (1.37m) long, giving a clearing width at the 15° angle of approximateley 4'4" (1.3m). Narrower blades are available to order. THe blade is 18" high (460mm) and a 6" rubber edge is optional.
Levelling Harrow  
Ideal for shallow cultivation beds in market gardens and nurseries. Grays Compact Levelling Harrow combines a floating 3-row harrow with a following crumbler roller which bears much of the implements weight. This produces a firm sub-strate overlaid with a level, fine tilth layer up to 4 inches deep.

Overall width: 6'6" (1.98m)  -  Working width: 6'0" (1.98m)  -  Weight: 500kg
Grassland Slitter
Ideal for parks, racecourses, golf course fairways and many other applications. Grays Grassland Slitter aerates the turf, improves drainage, encourages root growth and enhances fertiliser take -up.Grays Compact Grassland Slitter has working width of 6ft (1.83m) and is fitted with 65 hardened steel blades capable of penetrating to a depth of 7 ½". The roller illustrated is optional and the unballasted weight is 416kg.
Ballast Rollers
Grays ballast rollers are renowned for their rugged contruction and durability. Our 20° and 30° diameter models are available with a universal towing eye or, in the case of the 20" models, with category 3-pt linkage
Water ballast means your Grays Roller can really pile on the pressure when required (upto 21 ¾cwt), or be used for much lighter applications. Full details of Grays Rollers up to 48" diameter and 10ft width are available on request.

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