Quick Hitch
Built to match GRAYS range of heavy-duty Loader implements, these robust 'Quick-Hitch' Faceplates give fast and easy change over from manure Fork to Pallet Fork, Bucket or other implements in an easy one-man operation.
Hook System
GRAYS Hook-System Faceplate uses the hook system common to GRAYS range of 'Lynkon'
and GF-series tractor Loaders. The Hook-system Faceplate is available for a wide range of Industrial Loaders and allows full interchanfeability of implements between one Loader and another where more than one Loader is used on the farm

The Faceplate is attched by four pins and remains on the Loader. The matching implements are fitted with two hooks which connect with the upper fixed pins on tthe Faceplate. As the Loader is raised, the implement falls back against stops which align the holes for the lower pins.

Existing implements are converted by either welding hooks (available seperately) to the implement, or by using a pair of Gray's 'Pin-on' Hooks. The Pin-on Hooks are mounted on individual baseplates which fit the existing pins on the LoaderBucket.

For Pin-Fit Implements
GRAYS Faceplates for Pin-fit implements are available for a limited number Industrial Loader models and pick up standard pin-fitting implements for that Loader.

The two upper pins are left in each Loader implement and the inverted hookon the Faceplate pick up the implement by these pins. As the loader is raised, the implement falls back against stops to align the lower pin holes. Tyhe bottom locking pins on this Faceplate are pushed home by a central lever.

Your Choice
The choice of Faceplate will depend on your needs. The Faceplate for pin-fit implements gives quick-hitch implement-fitting for specific loaders. The Hook-system Faceplate gives greater flexilbilty if you have more than one make/model of Loader.
Grain Pusher 
Designed for heaping grain in the store, the Grain Pusher/Dozer is a simple Scoop on the end of pushbars. The Scoop is 6'6" wide x 25 inches deep (1.98m x 635mm), rilled from 3/16" (5mm) plate with ¼" thick (6mm) sides. Standard pushbar length is 14ft (4.27m) giving an overall length of 15' 6" (4.72m) built can be supplied longer/shorter to special order.
Shear Block Grabs
Grays Stockman Shear Grabs are the quality choice for the farmer who wants precision and the durability always associated with Hrays. With ttheir solid front and side walls, Grays Shear Block Grabs are ideal for handling maize or conventional grass silage.
The sharpened derrated front and straight side baldes slice down through tthe silage in 10-15 seconds, leaving a cleanly cut face in the clamp.

This minimises both opportunities for secondary fermentation and losses in transport from pit to point of use.
SBG 44
Designed for front loaders with lift capacities of at least 1 tonne the SBG 44 has an external width of 44", an internal width of 45", an unladen weight of 320 kg (6 ¼ cwt) and an appropriate payload of 400 kg (7 ¾ cwt). The grab is operated by twin 80mm bore double acting rams.

SBG 52
The SBG 52 is designed for loaders of 25cwt-plus payload capacity. The internal width is 43" and the unladen weight is 345 kg (6 ¾ cwt). The SBG 52 has an aproximate payload of 500 kg |(10 cwt) and is operated by 80mm rams similar to those on the smaller SBG 44.

SBG 60
For loadeers in the 30cwt-plus payload range. Grays offer the SBG 60 Shear Block Grab. With an internal width of 61", the SBG 60 weihs 460 kg (9cwt) when empty and has a payload of approximateley 750kg (15cwt). To cut this larger block efficiently, the SBG 60 is fitted with twin 90mm bore operating rams.

SBG 68 & SBG 76
Suitable for industrial loaders and farm handlers, the SBG 69 offers a payload of 850 kg (17cwt) from a grab weighing 520kg (10.2cwt). The SBG 76 gives a payload of 950kg (19cwt) for an implement weight of 585kg (11.75cwt). Both are fitted with twin 90mm bore operating rams and are available with centre knife and third ram to special order.


Clamp or pit silage varies in density, but the accepted average is 40 cu ft/ton (820 kg/m³). This standard conversion has been used to calculate the payloads of Grays Shear Block Grabs.

Factory-fitted weld-on brackets are available to fit any one of a wide range of agricult
ural and industrial loaders. A hydraulic third-services is required: connecting hoses to the tractor are not included but can be supplied.
Box Tipplers
TD3 - Simple robustly constructed, operated by a hydraulic ram
TD4 - 360°box rotation generated by a hydraulic motor

Both can be supplied with brackets for a wide range of front end loaders, farm handlers or fork lift trucks.
TD3 Box Tippler
The Fork is pivoted on a 4 inch diameter (100mm) axle by a double acting ram which gives positive control on both tipping and return. The ram assembly has two positions giving the choice of tipping to either right or lrft. Tipping is through 125 degrees. The weight of the TD3 is 460kg.

TD4 Box Tippler

This model is a hydrailcally driven box rotator which can rotate a box through 360° in either direction. It operates through a hydraulic motor operating a chain drive. a check valve is fitted to stop any return flow therefore eliminiating any free movement of the load. It is fitted with two retaining arms and a top arm which are adjustable to fit the boxes being used. The 3" main shaft rotates on a flange mounted vearing. The weight of the TD4 is 460kg.

Both Tippler models are available with a wide range of brackets to suit agricultural loaders, industrial loaders and farm handlers. It can also be supplied for fork lift trucks with a plain back-frame and machined hooks for the carriage.

The box is sipported by a high-quality square spring-steel tines, taperered from 1 5/8" down to 1" (42mm to 25mm) to give easy entry under the boxes
The usable length of tine is 3' 8" (1.12m). The backbeam of the Fork unit has six holes to allow for different tine spacing and each hole is fitted with a reinforcing collar to support the tine. The side and top retaining bars are adjustable to take most box sizes.
Hi-Tip Buckets
Discharges 4ft above the loader pivot point
Ideal for large volumes of light materials
Standard bucket capacity 43 cu. ft

Grays Hi-Tip Grain?Light Materials Bucket gives the height and reach needed for loading modern bulk grain carriers. Manufactured from ¼" (6mm) plate the bucket is 6'6" (1.98m) wide. The average bucket load is 40 cu. ft (1.13m ³) which is the equivalent of 15 ½ cwt (790kg) of Barley, 11 ½ cwt (590kg) of Oats or 17 ¾cwt (900kg) of Wheat. Larger bucket sizes are avaiulable on request.

The Hi-Tip Bucket is operated by two tipping rams connected by hoses to tee-pieces on tthe backframe. a third double-acting service valve and feed hoses are required on the loader. A counterbalance on the rear of the tractor may be necessary.


Loader Attachments
Grays Manure Forks are available in 4ft (1.22m) and 5'%" (1.67m) wide versions with six and eight 32 inch (810mm) springsteel tines respectively. a Heavy Duty 5'6" (1.67m) wide model with eight x 39 inch (990mm) tines for industrial or large farm loaders is also available.

Manufactured from ¼" (6.4mm) plate Grays Earth Buckets/General Purpose Loader Buckets incorporate a replaceable hardened cutting blade. Models woth a 10 cu. ft (0.28m³), and 13cu.ft (0.37m³) bucket capacity are available, both buckets are 3'11" (1.2m) wide.

Strong enough for use as a general purpose bucket. Two models are available - a 5ft (1.52m) wide version with 24cu. ft (0.68 m³) bucket capacity and a 6ft (1.83m) wide version with 29 cu.ft (0.82m³) bucket capacity. Grays Slurry Buckets are made from ¼" (6.4mm) plate and have a hardemed bevel edge.

The 6ft (1.83m) model has a maximum load capacity of 30 cu. ft
(0.85m³), the equivalent of 10cwt of barley. The larger 6'6" (1.98m) wide Grain Bucket has a capacity of 43 cu. ft (1.22m³), the equivalent of 15 ½ cwt of barley. All Grays Grain Buckets have a hardened bevel edge.

The Pallet Fork is constructed with a rigid box section backplate and 4" x 2" (100 x 50mm) high tensile solid steel forks, which are 3'6" (1.07m) in length. The fork spacing is adjustable to reach a maximum of 4'2" (1.27m). Grays Pallet Fork is ideally suited for pallets up to 30cwt.
Grays Tined Grabs the common senses solution to handling silage, farmyard manure and similar materials

3 Model Range for both Agricultural Loaders and Farm Handlers/Industrial Loaders

All models fitted with forged spring steel tines fitted into full length tapered collars

Narrowest in the Grays range, the Stockman 48 is 4ft (1.22m) wide with six tines in the base fork at 8 ¾" (220mm) centres. The top grab has four tines and is operated by a single ram. Average load of mature silage is 10 ½cwts (530kg)

These are twin ram models of the standard grab. The 55T has seven tines set at 8 ½" (215mm) centres with a 4 tine top grab. The 60T has eight tines set at 8" (205mm) centres with a 5 tine top grab. The average load of mature silage is 12cwt (610kg) for 55T and 13 cwt (650kg) for the T60.

These short tine Models have eight (60TS nine) main tines are set at 7 ½" (190mm) centres with four 15" (380mm) side tines. The top grab has five (60TS six) curved tines and is operated by twin rams. The average load of mature silage is 6 ½" cwt (330kg) for the 55TS and 7cwt (360kg) for the 60TS.

There are a range of sizes of these heavy duty models, The construction consists of a soli backed base fitted with 39" (1.0m) heavy duty forged steel tines fitted onto tapered full length collars in the back beam. There are two 32" (810mm) side tines. The top grab is operated by twin rams and has curved tines. The available sizes range from 5'6" (1.67m) with 6 base and 5 top tines to a 8')" (2.43m) wide models with 10 base and 8 top tines.

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