Large range of VeeSnowploughs and Angle Blades
Fits 3-pt rear linkage, front-end Loader or with front mounted Faceplate direct to Tractors
Front Blades for Compact Tractors
Blades supplied with steel edge or rubber edge

Two models of Vee Ploughs are manufactured with shaped steel side boards designed to throw the snoe clear of the plough. The SNO'GRO is a low priced Vee Plough for emergency clearance of access roads. It has welded skids and can be supplied with castor wheels if required. Clears 7'0" (2.13m)

The COUNTY Vee Plough is of a heavier construcyion with replaceable skids and cutting edges. It is suitable for contract work and longer periods of operation and, being deeper, can tackle deeper drifts with more poweful tractors. (see photograph above). Clears 7'4" (2.24m). Side Boards taper from 28" (710mm) to 36" (915mm). Overall width 9'4" (2.84m)

These deflect thte snow to one side and are better suited for clearing lighter snowfalls from larger areas such as car parks. All the blades are 7'0" (2.14m) wide by 2' 0" (610mm) deep. Manufactured from ¼" (6mm) thick plate. They are supplied with a bolt-on steel blade for back filling ditches etc or more often with a replaceable 6" x 1" - thick rubber edge for snow clearance.are twin ram models of the standard grab. The 55T has seven tines

The FIXED ANGLE Blade is set at an angle of 15 degrees and cleard 6'10" (2.08m) to the left.

The 3-WAY Blade had the linkage frame connected by pins which enables a removeable push bar to be fitted either side giving a 15 degrees angle to the left or right. This can also be removed allowing the linkage to be pinned directly to the blade for straight dozing work.

The 5-WAY Blade has the linkage fitting on a swivel mounted frame, locked by a pin in any one of 5 positions. This gives angles of 15° and 30° left or right and a straight position.

COMPACT Blades have a 3-Way centrally pivoted blade 4'6" wide by 18" deep (1.36 x .46m) supplied with 6" x 1" replaceable rubber edge. The clearing width is 4'4" (1.32m) at the 15 degress angle left or right. The Blade is raised by a double acting ram operated through the reverse flow valve provoded. These blades are available with individual fitting kits for a wide range of Compact tractors.

These are 6" diameter swivel wheels with adjustable heights which can be bolted to mounting points on the Blades and County Vee Ploughs.

All Grays Vee Ploughs and Blades can be directly attached to the front of a tractor by using the HYdrailic Faceplate. This requires the local fitting of the rectangular base plate to the tractor. THe Faceplate can be supplied with either a single acting or double acting ram. The single acting version is supplied with a 12' (3.66m) feed hose. The Faceplate will raise the Blade 15"/18" (380 - 450mm) off the ground.


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