Transport Boxes

For Greater Economy in Small Load Handling
Robust construction
Solidly constructed from 10 s.w.g. steel plate
Universal 3-point linkage fits any agricultural tractor

Manufactured in five sizes, each Grays "Atlas" transport box can be supplied with or without a trip mechanism, and in addition to their primary purpose of small load handling they can also serve as ballast boxes to provide additional traction on the rear wheels of the tractor under difficult conditions.
Each box has a lead-in scraper edge along the rear, allowing it to be used as a useful bucket/shovel for clearing up the yard. grays "Atlas" transport boxes are in constant use in and around farms of every description.The tail door on Grays "Atlas" transport boxes pivots from the bottom, and is fully removable. support chains are provided so that the door can be held in a horizontal position, thereby greatly increasing the floor area when carrying bulkier loads.

(The door can be suspended on these chains at any angle according to requirements).A lead-in scraper edge is fitted as standard along the rear of the box. With the tail removed, this allows the box to be used as a bucket/shovel for clearing up the yard. Each box can be supplied with or without a trip mechanism.

Hinged livestock/general purpose box. Inside floor dimensions 6'0" x 2' 6" (1.83 x 0.76m). Hinged top section gives a back height of 5' 3" (1.57m), ideal for carrying bales or sacks. With the hinged section down, sides are 2' 7" (0.79m) high. Bars are 3 ½" (9cm) apart. Wooden floor to prevent animals' hooves slipping. This is non-tip. Both category 1 and 2 linkage provided.

Grays Atlas range are solid in construction with reinforcing lips along the edges, and diagonal cross-bearers. They are extremely robust and are a real long term investment.
Floor Area
Tail door
Atlas Mini
4' 0" x 2' 0"
(1.22m x 0.61m)
4' 0" x 1' 2"
(1.22m x 0.35m)
5' 0" x 2' 5"
(1.52m x 0.74m)
5' 0" x 1' 6"
(1.52m x 0.46m)
Atlas Plus
5' 0" x 3' 3"
(1.52m x 0.99m)
5' 0" x 1' 6"
(1.52m x 0.46m)
Atlas Major
6' 0" x 2' 5"
(1.83m x 0.74m)
5' 0" x 1' 6"
(1.83m x 0.46m)
Atlas Magna
6' 0" x 3' 3"
(1.83m x 0.99m)
6' 0" x 1' 6"
(1.83m x 0.46m)
Atlas Convertible

6'0" x 2'6"
(1.83m x 0.76m)

Sides on Atlas Mini taper from 1' 10" to 1'2" (0.56m x 0.36m)
Sides on all other models taper from 2' 3" to 162" (0.69m x 0.46m)

Yard Scrapers

Reversible for push or pull operation
Variable width setting
Quick attach A-frame

Grays Yard Scrapers are tough
tools for a tough job.
Rugged welded steel construction supports the hard wearing rubber blade - leaving generous flexilble wings for working right up to walls. The flexible rubber scraper follows ground contours, ensuring a clean sweep.

Both models use the same blades either in 33mm or 50mm thick hard wearing rubber. The reversing mechanism for the push or pull facility is operated from the cab by a pull chord. Both are fitted with a quick hitch a-Frame.

YS2 Model
This model has a simple traditional headstock and gives exceptional value for money with its strong simple construction. The adjustable width is variable between 1.6m to 2.34m (5'3" - 7'8"). The weight is 210kg

This gives added value by allowing convenient carriage of square bales, fence posts, hand tools or such items around the farm without having to remove the scraper. This allows wider use of the tractor for other tasks - without having to remove the implement.

The width is adjustable with many settings between 1.68m to 2.6m (5' 6" to 8'6"). The weight is 215kg.

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